Our Priorities are Simple, They’re Yours!

…If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.  When buying or selling a home, you deserve a Realtor who’ll take the time to listen, find out what’s important to you, and put your interests first.

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…please message me with any suggestions you have for how we can better serve you (using internet technology or just plain-old handshakes and smiles)

Cathy Lagravier
“Please share your goals with me. In turn, I’ll share my success with you.
If you’re thinking of buying or selling,  please give me a call and share your story.”

– Cathy Lagravier

Visit Hilltop Lakes Resort City and we will be glad to give you the Grand Tour.  This will include showing you ALL properties for sale here including the ones on this website.  We have four agents available to help you including myself.  The other agents are John Lagravier, Annie Earp, and Don Sorrells.

We are blue jean friendly and offer black tie service!

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